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Dear one..

Are you a soulful entrepreneur who believes in contributing to making the world a little better than when you found it?

Do you have a dream that lives in your heart that is rooted in service and helping others live their best life?
Maybe it’s through helping them manage their health.
Maybe it’s through helping them change their thinking.
Maybe it’s through a product you’ve created. 
It’s such a beautiful thing when you uncover your purpose, isn’t it? When you know you’re here for a reason and you can witness the effect you have on others? 
But maybe you’re discovering that the dream of helping others isn’t quite consistent enough to sustain you financially.
Maybe you’re feeling like you’re on a constant hamster wheel of finding clients and then, shortly after, feeling the pressure of figuring out where new clients are coming from to sustain your income. 

Between all the various approaches out there (start a facebook group, send emails every day, create a program, run a challenge etc.) it’s hard to know what makes sense, what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly, how to not lose your damn mind in the process. 
Whew. Take a breathe, friend.  
I can feel your exhaustion. 
Wherever you are right now, I invite you to consider, maybe there is a better way. 

Perhaps you’ve followed all the guru’s advice.
You’ve taken a leap - started the business - had a little (or a lot) of success and then ...crickets.  

Or maybe you have a handful of clients right now but you feel like you’re already anxious wondering where are your next clients from and more importantly, is this really the life of an entrepreneur? 
Maybe those doubts are creeping in as you sit exhausted staring at your computer screen (again) because you ‘have’ to create something for clients to see you.  

Maybe you are starting to wonder -- if being an entrepreneur even for you if it means exchanging your sanity, your happiness or maybe even your health?

I wish I could travel through the computer screen, share a cup of tea, sit with you to look you in the eye and tell you, dear one, yes. There IS a better way. 
You *can* actually create a life and a business that feels good.
It’s important for you to know you have done nothing wrong. 
You’ve just been playing the game with an incomplete set of rules. 
**What if the ways that you’ve been attempting to call in your clients aren’t actually the best steps for you? 

*What if you discovered in the best way for you and it made it way easier to get more results in less time?
The truth is, when you know the process and how to be in alignment with your dream clients and how you can serve them, you can’t turn off the flow of dream clients. 

When I first started my business I felt like I was throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it would stick.  

That is exactly why I created this program - so you don’t have to navigate the unchartered waters of entrepreneurship without a map. 

Manifest your dream client is an combination of both digestible trainings as well as clear and actionable tasks so that you have a crystal clear understanding of how attracting clients really works. 
And it’s so much easier than you think. 

I share the exact process I use to attract my soulmate clients in a way that feels amazing!  

So dear one, if you are ready to do things your own way, leave your hustle blankie at the door, (along with your anxiety filled energy!) and join me as we journey together on an adventure of ease, flow and fun that leads to more soulmate clients, more money and more impact.
What’s included:
  •  A combination of both energetic and scientific evidence for this process.
  •  5 incredibly valuable but also digestible trainings
  •  Custom designed workbooks for each lesson so you know the exact steps to take
  •  Access to the facebook community for even more support! 
If you’re ready to replace the anxiety filled days with ease and fun, return to the reason you started this journey in the first place -- to help people! And to access a repeatable system you can turn to to create clients on demand -- I’d love to have you. 

Your future clients are waiting…. See you on the inside.  
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